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Music instructor Dennis Freese with saxophone student
Dennis with young saxophone student (above). Student Al Ives (below), is a great case in point in demonstrating what is possible. Al began taking lessons about five years ago, and with regular practice, was able to join the Rogue Valley Horizons Band. In his eighth decade, he now performs with the band in venues throughout the valley.
Dennis Freese with senior saxophone student

Most folks enjoy listening to music, and even imagine that someday they’d like to play an instrument themselves… a few even pursue that dream. As a woodwind teacher with decades of experience, Dennis has a wealth of knowledge to share, and just as importantly, the ability to tune into each students’ learning style, prescribing just what the student needs to work on from lesson to lesson.

A music teacher can be an vital resource in a budding musician’s development, but certainly not every accomplished musician is necessarily a good teacher and, in some cases, even an excellent teacher is not the right person for every particular student. There are elements of chemistry, personality, learning and teaching styles, empathy and expectation, that define how well teacher and student might work together. For these reasons, a single blueprint for teaching and learning is always a mistake, and though many basic principles are shared across the board, it’s the teachers job is to find instruction techniques and music to suit each students learning style and interests.

Dennis Freese has been a woodwind musician for most of his life, and a private music instructor (saxes, clarinets, flutes) for much of that time, working with students from beginner to the most advanced, in age levels ranging from nine to eighty-three. A number of his younger students have become members of the Youth Symphony of Southern Oregon (YSSO), while some of a more advanced age play in the local Horizons Band. With his decades of playing and teaching experience, Dennis has much to share with students who have a genuine interest in finding a personal voice through a woodwind instrument. 

Potential students are welcome to come to Dennis’s studio for a visit and free consultation.

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“Dennis has been an excellent and extremely patient teacher. He always seems to know just what I need to work on from week to week. Our lessons are a meeting of two friends, always relaxed and yet very focused. I can’t imagine having gotten this far on the saxophone without his help and encouragement. This activity has rewarded me in many ways, helping keep my mind fresh and alert. I’m very grateful…”
-Al Ives
Dennis became our son Ethan’s saxophone instructor when he decided to take up the instrument the summer before 7th grade. His excellent teaching skills, along with daily practicing, made it so Ethan was able to easily integrate into Concert Band at the start of school, joining others who’d been playing for at least a year. Continued lessons made it possible for Ethan to audition for and move up into the Wind Ensemble that first year of playing which was a wonderful feat. By the 2nd summer of lessons, Ethan also picked up the clarinet and is having so much fun playing both tenor saxophone and clarinet. Dennis has been a huge inspiration and motivator, and we are so grateful for his many talents!
-Robin and Eric Gotfrid


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